Archive for July 25th, 2005


Well, the PSU’s here, at something akin to long bloody last (long enough, for example, for me to forget how I’d lost no end of my files, including all the damn MP3s. Ah well…)

My current problem runs thusly: the PSU doesn’t fit into the case. Or, rather, it fits into the case fine, but it doesn’t screw into the case, because all the holes are in the wrong place, until you turn the PSU upside-down. I’m assuming it’s upside-down based on the way the “230V” sticker and switch are, and the fact that the fan is jammed up against the motherboard, if it goes in that way.

Anyone got a problem with that? (A technical one, I mean, not one of those “O, byt JTA, God Himself decreed that thou should have no working computer nor flower of the Earth” problems, because I’m fed up with them, just at the moment….) Because if not, I’ll stick it in presently.

O, and how do I login to the Abnib gallery? Only I’ve finally got access to all me Photos (thank God they never got lost, that’s all I can say), so I’ve got a load of things I can upload…