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However, while I know I am drnuk (The reason being 1. I feel goodwill towards all my fellow man instead of 2. loathing thereunto) and 2. my brain appears to be on the fritz on a whole bundle of fronts, which is somewhat of a pain, but never mind because I figure I can cope with such given a nice cup of coffee and an FPS or two to take my brain of the subject while I rehydrate it and flush out the poison ampersand afformentioned blown fuses/.

However while the above all is good, and I am pleased for everybody.

And I know this’ll kill me in’t morning, but ‘s all good, and I’m cheerful, drunk and short-circuiting in what’s not the worst possible way, so there we go.

‘s all. G’night. O, anmd since my carefuul finger-picking of the keys is probably a little bit to the left or right or something, apologies for the typos. Whoof.

Tea praps not cofffee or I’ll be up all night witch would be of the craxy.

G’night, presenmtyl/